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What is KUDOS?

Kudos is a medically supervised weight loss and LIFEstyle program focused on up-lifting your whole life’s experience.   Our unique process is both effective and very engaging. Ours is a true LIFE-style program that stands for something.  Our LIFE-style program will teach you how to enhance your Longevity, Income, Family and Emotional mastery.  This is because we believe that for you to be truly healthy, you need to have control of all four critical aspects of your life.  We provide you the tools and a clear process to effectively lose weight for the long term, reclaim your health and transform your life.  Kudos will teach you how to make sustainable lifestyle changes and provide the motivation to propel you to real transformation.  You will be totally understood, connected and supported by an inspiring community of people who are dedicated to your success.

Our Mission

To combat obesity and help our clients live healthy, vibrant lives.
Stuck in a diet trap? Stressed or overwhelmed?
Weight Loss Program
Kudos weight loss program is a medically supervised weight loss program.
Annual Wellness Festival
Life is an exciting adventure. Join us for our annual festival.

and what they say

Happy Patients

“While I never believed in any kinds of diets, when I ran out of patience and tolerance for my overweight issues, I sighed up here. Incredibly, unlike to my previous diets, this clinic’s nutrition program actually did help me out big time! And I mean 50 lbs big!”

Taylor Bean, Chittenango

Understanding the importance of the healthy weight and concerned about myself, I went through multiple diet programs and trainings. But ultimately, it was the Kudos Weight Loss system that helped me drop my unhealthy weight!

Judy Smith, Syracuse

Right after receiving the BMI index for my child I was determined to take a quick medical action! Visiting this clinic upon my friend’s recommendation, I wasn’t disappointed. My son’s BMI dropped significantly in just 6 months!

Jane Watkins, Dewitt